Conditions of car rental in Kiev and other cities of Ukraine

Receiving and returning a car

The receipt and return of the car is formalized by the contract and drop off the car act. One copy of the contract and of the act is always transferred to the Renter.

Working and non-working time

Receipt of the car is possible 24/7. At the same time we have working and non-working time. You can get or return the car during off-hours, holidays or weekends, but for a small surcharge, which is set in our price list. Working hours and days: Mon-Fri 08 - 19, the rest of the time have extra fees.

Receiving / returning the car outside the office

Receipt of the car is possible in the office and with delivery to any place. Delivery is paid extra.

Age restrictions

For all categories of cars, except for business class and SUVs:

  1. Age at least 21 years old
  2. Driving experience not less than 2 years

For business class cars and SUVs:

  1. Age not less than 25 years
  2. Driving experience not less than 5 years

Documents from Tenant

For the rental contract, please provide:

  1. Passport
  2. Driver's license

Area of ​​using the car

All Ukraine, without the right to travel abroad. Restriction on departure exists in the Crimea, Lugansk and Donetsk regions.

Fuel Policy

Return as much as you received.

Mileage policy


Is carried out:

  1. through a website with an automatic order calculation
  2. by phone +38 (044) 499-74-73
  3. by e- mail


The rental price includes CDW+TP and TPL insurances with deductible(non-refundable amount) in the amount of deposit .
Also, you can order full insurance. Then in case of accident you will not lose your deposit.