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We provide car rental services in Kiev, as well as throughout Ukraine and Georgia. If you are looking for a low price, good cars and excellent service, you went exactly to that site. Select the car rental location and rental date to calculate the car rental price for your period.

Car Rental Company Race

Rent a car in Kiev without a driver

We provide any brands of cars for hire for a period of one day, the choice of any class of cars. CASCO and OSAGO insurance are included in the rental price. The car rental price is from $ 10 per day. Minimal formalities and quick registration of the rental contract. Payment in any form.

Rent a car in Kiev without a driver, transfer

For business meetings, business events or celebrations, book a car rental service with a driver. We provide shuttle services on any type of car, from economy, to SUVs and prestigious sedans. The cost depends on the class of the car and the volume of the ordered services. Dress code, knowledge of foreign languages, cleanliness in cars and punctuality are guaranteed, our drivers do not ask questions and do not talk with those who are transported or serviced.

About company Race

He works in the car rental market since 2006. The company has offices and representative offices in most cities of Ukraine, Georgia, the Czech Republic and the UAE. The company includes units for booking, order fulfillment, maintenance and much more. We have chosen the best insurance for our customers and are ready to provide you with a car 24 hours a day, 365 days a week.

Современные и новые автомобили

Большое разнообразие различных машин в автопарке. Парк постоянно обновляется согласно требованиям рынка.

Полное страхование

Быстрая скорость обслуживания

Мы оформим договор и выдадим автомобиль в течении 15 минут. Самый быстрый показатель на рынке проката. У нас всегда экспресс обслуживание.

Безопасность превыше всего

Все автомобили укомплектованы резиной по сезону.


24/7 поддержка клиентов при ДТП или поломке, мы всегда рады помочь даже в самых нестандартных ситуациях.

Большая сеть

Большая сеть офисов. Там где нет наших офисов, мы все-равно обслужим вас с подачей машины по адресу.

Наш автопарк в Киеве

Самый большой выбор автомобилей в городе, самые лучшие Цены. Все автомобили в собственности компании, обслужены и технически исправны.